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Aries.. Aries natives can expect moderate results this month, but their confidence remains high. Career growth is expected to be normal, with more favourable prospects in the second half of the month. Business prospects improve after the 15th, with opportunities for significant profits. Property accumulation is also favourable this year for Aries individuals. Taurus This month, it’s important for you to prioritize your health and manage your expenses wisely, as your balance sheet may reflect some negative figures. However, you can look forward to building meaningful connections with people living abroad. On a spiritual level, you are in a good place this month Gemini This month, your social circle is expanding and you may find yourself indulging in some luxuries. However, it’s important to keep a moderate approach to your finances. Take extra care with your diet and keep a watch on any unnecessary expenses. Your job and business prospects are stable throughout the month. Cancer This month, there may be some instances of disharmony and unwanted arguments for you. You may feel a lack of comfort and may be prone to getting easily irritated. Additionally, you may face opposition from someone trying to defame you. However, it’s important to stay grounded and respond bravely with your inner voice. Overall, this month is expected to be average for you. Leo This month, there are opportunities for travel and good luck for you as the planets align in your favour. It’s Predictions according to your sun sign important to take maximum advantage of this auspicious time. However, do take extra care while driving and be cautious about any legal proceedings. Keep your focus on your job or business to make the most of this time. Virgo This month, Virgos can look forward to securing their desired job, after applying for some time. Business owners may also find new opportunities coming their way. You are focused on your work commitments, and are enthusiastic and dedicated to performing at your best. You are taking the initiative to push yourself further. However, for those in a romantic Horoscope 2023: By Goldie Bhatt relationship, this may not be the most encouraging month. It’s best to wait for a month to explore any romantic pursuits. Libra This month, Libra natives may face delays in completing their tasks and may experience dissatisfaction in their job. However, for those involved in business, success is likely to come their way. Be aware of any potential ego issues that may arise within the family during this time. On the bright side, your health is expected to be good. Overall, this month can be considered above average for you. Scorpio Scorpios may see mixed results in their career this month, as there may be delays in completing daily tasks. It’s important to focus on work and concentrate to avoid potential errors or omissions. In terms of finances, Scorpios may experience both gains and losses, in contrast to last month. Sagittarius This month, positive results can be expected in the career of the natives. Communication skills are seen to be improving day by day, which can further aid in their professional growth. Good financial gains are also likely to be secured in the latter half of the month. However, it’s important to be cautious about potential conflicts with loved ones, especially due to any illusory thoughts. For singles, there are high chances of a temporary encounter with someone of the opposite sex. Capricorn This month, natives can expect mixed results, which could include both good and bad outcomes, with potential expenses and gains. It’s important to work hard to maintain financial stability. With regards to managing your career, finances, and health, you are likely to be busy throughout the month. Overall, this month is expected to be good for you. Aquarius Aquarians may face challenges in their career this month, and financial fortunes might be uncertain. It’s important to handle money with care, as there may be potential for loss. However, this month may involve significant travel opportunities. Don’t lose hope, as your current efforts could lead to long-term gains. Pieces Pisces natives may experience health issues due to a lack of immunity and confidence. It’s important to think twice before making commitments and to avoid speaking harshly to others. However, there’s no need to worry, as these problems are temporary. Overall, you can expect mixed results, and you may receive help from unexpected sources. goldie bhatt bhatt.goldie@ gmail.com Whatsapp +91 89805 08969

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